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Mission Statement

To help those affected by drug or alcohol abuse/dependency move past the problems associated with addiction by promoting education and knowledge about substance abuse and recovery through information, school and community programs, resources, interventions and recovery coaching designed to inspire a responsible and healthy lifestyle.

Why Are We Here?

In 1971 President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs proclaiming “America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse".  Decades later we are losing this “war”.   Every day on average, over 2,500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time.  Every 19 minutes, we lose one life in this country to a prescription drug overdose, now the leading cause of accidental death.  In the last three decades, our jail and prison populations have quintupled and are filled with non-violent drug offenders.   Maybe we are looking at this problem the wrong way.  Dr. Gabor Maté said it best, “There is no war on drugs, because you can’t war on inanimate objects.  There’s only a war on drug addicts.  Which means we are warring on the most abused and vulnerable segments of society.”

You probably know someone affected by addiction and the problems addiction can cause. So, how can you change an addict’s behavior and help them choose sobriety? It starts by educating all involved about the disease of addiction, treatment options and how to present it in a caring manor so the loved one accepts help and has a better chance at recovery. A study from the Pew Center has shown that education and treatment are far more effective and cost far less than incarceration to fight addiction. Unless we decrease the demand for drugs through prevention, education and proper treatment, we will never win the “war” on drugs in America.

As a Certified Intervention Specialist at My Recovery Project LLC, I provide information for all members affected by addiction and can guide the family and friends through the intervention process.  I help the family choose the appropriate route of treatment and become a mediator during the intervention.  I make sure all your questions are answered and help the family figure out what options they have before there are none left.  After an intervention or intensive alcohol or drug treatment, as a Certified Recovery/Life Coach, I help people in recovery set stage appropriate goals.  As a coach, I help clients in recovery find a positive support system, reduce stress with the tools they have available, and eventually help them find a purpose in life. Each person’s path to sobriety is different, there is not one way, but the road to recovery starts with education and support, not a war on drugs.

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